A good staff is the core of any business. We take this to heart whenever we do any hiring and look for a few specific things in all of our staff.

We look to hire people who are >community minded, because when our staff and customers are our neighbors, it gives a personal relationship to every interaction. There’s a level of familiarity and trust that you can’t fake.

We don’t believe in micromanaging. We hire experts and give them the leeway to bring in their own ideas and leadership. When you give people the responsibility and freedom to run their departments as they see fit, it usually results in innovation and an attention detail that can’t come from the top down.

Basically, we look for people who care about their community and who possess a great deal of initiative. If that sounds like you, we’d love to invite you to join the Liberty Foods family.

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Contact: Derrick Dar

Email: libertyfoods@telus.net

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1950 Main Street

Fruitvale, British Columbia

V0G 1L0, Canada